Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bountiful Baskets!

So, this was a new experience for us. I had heard from some friends and my cousin Crystel that Bountiful Baskets was great.
It just started here in Idaho so we decided to try it out.
HERE is the site if you want to learn more.

We paid $15 for the regular basket and another $10.50 for an extra package called the "Hostess Package".

We drove all the way out to get it and got there early because we were nervous that we would miss it and if you don't come in the 20 minute block they give your food away and you don't get a refund.

We got there and saw quite a few friends (because great minds think alike).

We brought a big tote to carry our food out (it is a co-op and you need to bring your own boxes) and it was loaded.

Sam was SO HAPPY when he filled the back of the car with our food!

Right when we got home I took some pics before we started chowing:

The regular basket.
L-R: blackberries, green grapes, cantelope, 11apples, 9 bananas, baby carrots, 4 red onions, spinach, green cauliflower, mushrooms, celery, 7 HUGE russet potatos.
For only $15.
All of it is so fresh. The bananas aren't even ripe yet (which the kids don't care, they are chowing down!)

This was the Hostess Package:
L-R: cranberries, celery, 7 yams, parsley, pineapple, bag of jonathan apples, 2 yellow onions, 10 pound bag of russet potatoes
It is all large and fresh and awesome.

The second we got home the kids went nuts!
X demanded a banana so even though it wasn't ripe enough to peel, I gave him one.

So far my kids have each eaten an apple, a banana, grapes, half the blackberries... I made them take a short break, but I am thrilled.
I am loving this great way to have more fresh fruits and veggies in the house at an amazing price.
As I type this the kids are sneaking blackberries again. I don't see it as a bad thing since they would rather have fruit than candy.

If this is available in your area, I highly recommend it. It was in my opinion totally worth the money and I plan to do this for a long time!
I'm betting I got about $70 worth of produce today for far less! Maybe even more because the quality is outstanding.

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  1. The link didn't work :( I would love to learn more about this, fix it asap would ya? Thanks!

  2. I fixed the link, sorry!

  3. Your link wasn't working. Where can I find out more?