Thursday, November 26, 2009

Its a Thanksgiving Miracle!

Mock all you want.
This is my yearly miracle and I love it.

When we bought this house a few things made the angels sing.

For Sam it was the garden plot (it is huge) and the big screen tv that stayed with the house in the basement (that we use less than 10 times a year so I don't know why it was that exciting to us).

For me it was Isabelle's bedroom (seeing those curtains blowing gently in the breeze and envisioning her looking out the window as her date picks her up when she is a teen was just a vision I fell in love with) and the double oven.

I have always wanted a double oven. I love baking and it is just easier for me to go nuts when the double oven. My aunt has one and I have envied that for years. So, it was a big deal.

We bought this house and 10 minutes later the double oven broke. Go figure.

Let me explain "broke" both ovens work.

As you can see in the pic below you can't see the digital clock info. It makes it very tricky to set the tempuratur on the top oven when you can't see the display screen. Guesstimating oven temps never ends well.

See at the right? No display.

Sam used to be able to punch it and the display would come back, but that rarely works anymore.
On the exciting occasion that my oven display does work I go into a baking frenzy until the display once again disappears.

We've considered getting it repaired, but the cost is... prohibitive.

So, I've resigned myself to merely gazing longingly at the double oven and thinking about what might have been.

Except on Thanksgiving.

Every Thankgiving Eve I sit down in my kitchen and have a heart to heart with the Good Lord. I tell him about the oven, the joy, the disappointment. Then I tell him about how Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday in the entire world, how I get to host it at my house (which I LOVE so much) and how I NEED my ovens to both work for 6 hours in the morning. Then I go to bed.

Every year since we moved here, my oven has worked perfectly until the turkey is done, then it stops. It is my personal Thanksgiving Miracle.

This year I got up at 7am. My oven wasn't working yet.
I was about to get discouraged, but I decided to just have a little faith and start the turkey in the bottom oven.
We prepped everything else in anticipation of having 2 ovens right when we needed them.

A few minutes ago I looked at my oven and saw this:

Both ovens are working, right when I need them too.
As usual.
So, we are baking away and I am grateful for my silly but very important to me Thanksgiving Miracle.

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  1. Yay! That is absolutely a miracle. I think all the time about Mother Theresa saying that God is even kinder than you think... so kind that he even makes sure your Thanksgiving feast is cooked!