Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My favorite page

So, I've been killing myself on the website today. Last night Drew and Joe held my hand and walked me through the remote file incident and I had a small mountain of crap to fix/tweak/remove/add to the 2010 IBC website (that is the 2010 International Babywearing Conference---- that is being held in Rigby Idaho next June--- for those who aren't familiar with the ackronym).
I needed to redo my link to Babywearing International and in trying to make text for that page, I made this:


It is officially my favorite page on the entire website now.

In other exciting conference news:

We had been holding off on having a planning meeting for about a month now. We finally got together and reorganized a few things, added positions and committee members that we had needed to officially add, got some paperwork stuff done, toured the city in order to work on our logistical info, found locations for a few key activities... basically did everything we could do at this point in the conference. It was awesome. Some really great people have joined the team and if you want to help at all, I can promise you now, we NEED a few more people to take on large or small jobs!

It is getting closer and more real. That is scary. But good.

I had a crying bout this weekend over it (yes, it is true I leak tears when the emotion chip turns on) and Sambo had to remind me why I care so much about this conference. It isn't the pretty carriers, the meeting people, the "fun" of planning (though it mostly is fun)... it is the chance to make my pocket of the world a little bit better by promoting something I truly believe in. This conference is going to be wonderful. And worth it.

And the page I just made embodies how I feel about it right now.

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  1. Looks good! You're such a hard worker, so you're perfect for all this hard work stuff/planning!