Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The newest member of the family

Meet Suzy!

Okay, so story.
I love my doggie Ada. I think we've established that in the past.
She is gentle and sweet, patient with the kids, sleeps on my feet when they are cold, I can count her accidents in the house on 1 hand and use less then half the fingers.
While she is gentle she can be a fierce guard dog when she warrants it.
And, she doesn't make me sneeze.

So I love her.
And now I love her breed, so I have been watching for another Shih Tzu (or a cross of the like) in need of a home.
Saturday we went to Petco with Ada and came home with...


She how fuzzy she was?
She is a cute Shih Tzu terrier cross (I am leaning towards yorkie). She is a year and a half old and already housebroken.
She and Ada were fast friends when they met (our Petco does Humane Society adoptions every Saturday and she was in that group).
My kids loved her.
And Sambo had mercy on me and let me bring her home.

She has been sleeping with Belle.
June hates her with a fiery passion and has stalked, attacked and beaten the crap out of her a few times now. I suspect June will get over it soon.
This is her before shot.

But, lets be honest, my kids drop food under the talbe all the time and a dog with all that hair will be matted and gross by lunch.

So I took her to the groomers Monday.
See how cute she is? Not as fluffy and all, but she is so silky soft now and her hair is manageable.

She is doing quite well and I am pretty sure I'm going to love her too. And she won't make me sneeze!
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  1. She was already cute, but I think the haircut makes her even cuter!

  2. Congratulations on your new addition to the family. She is cute and looks like she'll fit right in. :)

  3. I looooooove her!! Both of these doggies are adorable, and I'm so happy they'll have each other to play with!

  4. You're turning into a crazy animal-lover lady! j/k

    Pretty cute, but make sure you stop by my blog to pick up an award I gave you from my "Honestly" post (unless you already got it, then you can carry on...)