Monday, November 30, 2009

Police Wives Prayer

Dear God, give me COURAGE, for perhaps I lack
it more than anything else.
I need COURAGE as I witness my husband's
departure for duty each day.
I need COURAGE as I see him put on his uniform
because I know the abuse that perhaps
he will be subjected to before he returns
from his tour of duty.
I need COURAGE in dealing with the children
when he is working long hours
during demonstrations or on an
I need COURAGE when tensions buildup on
the job and pressures at home
to mount and life becomes almost
too much to bear.
I need COURAGE to stand firm and not to
succumb to the urge to run away
from problems.
Help me to have the strength to be a
COURAGEOUS and Valiant Woman,
when I learn from the media that a
"police officer's been hurt."
The next time I waver or grow faint-hearted,
Help me, O Divine Master,
And, having found the source of strength in
You, Help me to reach out to
others, who may be just
as scared as I.


Prayer given at the DC Police Wives Installation Dinner, on June 15, 1973, by Reverend R. Joseph Dooley.
Copyright © 1973 - All Rights Reserved

"Police Wives Prayer"

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