Friday, November 6, 2009

An unexpected treasure

I got a big letter in the mail today from a name I didn't immediately recognize.
So I opened it.
I read a short letter along the lines of this:
Our mother was going through boxes and found this and wanted me to send it to you. We hope you love the house as much as we did.

I look further and found this:

These are the floor plans from when the Brady's built the addition to this house in the '80's.

I am so honored to have them.

This home of ours has been a barn, a sheriff's house (and I believe the sheriff's office too) and a few others things. It has been added onto several times and we have some of the original wood in the basement.
When we first entered this home before it was our home I could FEEL that is was a happy house with wonderful memories. We've met several of the previous owners and have been told some wonderful stories by them. This home is a treasure to us.

And now these plans are too.
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  1. How cool is that? That is a treasure.

  2. And the treasure for me is that, now that I have blueprints of your home, I know just where to break in so I can clean you out. Score!

    Just kidding.