Friday, December 25, 2009

Dear Heidi,

We love Amy. She has been a joy to dog sit these last few days.
It has been a fun doggy circus with Ada, Suzy and Amy (and June Cleaver taking some swipes).
Suzy is teaching her all sorts of annoying habits and Ada is playing referee when Amy gets sick of Suzy in her face all day.
She snuggles with Belle on the couch and she likes to run out in the backyard. She hid a treat by pulling up my rug and putting the treat under it. that was hilarious.

But, I think today she realized that she really really misses you.
Just thought you would want to know.
Kimber and the clan

PS. I *may* have stepped on her tail today and she *may* be seriously upset with me. Sorry. I'm working on getting her forgiveness.
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  1. It's a rare day her tail isn't stepped on. Doesn't help that she matches most carpet. And that probably made her feel right at home.

    Thanks Kimber! :)