Friday, December 18, 2009

Do you want to know why I love this week?

That questions is rhetorical by the way.

This week has been mega frustrating for me. If you read the last few posts you know that.
All I can say is argh.

Sunday: church blech stuff
Monday: recital insanity
Tuesday: sick sick sick
Wednesday: entire schedule got messed up with an appt I had to go to that the other party never showed for
Thursday: sick and the Jefferson County Apocalypse
Friday: So sick. Want to take lots of gross medicine sick

But here is the deal. All the yuck for the month just hit me in one week which means the rest of the month is going to be fantastic and that just thrills me!
I am so grateful for bad moments because I learn the most through them.

This week I learned to never say the phrase, "It can't get any worse," I remembered that I rock at flying by the seat of my pants, that Buddy is an exceptional playroom cleaner when Mommy is huddled on the floor moaning because she feels awful, that during the Apocalypse McDonalds will still be open (whew!) and that Theraflu is the foulest thing I've ever had the misfortune to ingest.

Look at all the important lessons I get to apply to the rest of my life!

And through all the bad, some wonderful moments came. I realized how much I love to teach piano and how lucky I am. I have had so many emails and calls for new piano students that I'm going to have to start turning people away (I can't believe it!), I remembered that I can say no to doing things and I need to more often, I got to sew my first baby carrier for giving away (felt great), and I got to remember that I have a really wonderful life and if these are the bumps then I am a lucky gal.

Sam and I love the show Scrubs and on one episode the title character is singing, "I'm feeling so good today!" Then he slips and falls on the ground. He hops back up and sings, "I still feel good because nobody saw me fall!"
I laugh every time I think of it and Sam and I have taken to singing it around the house. I think that is how I feel (even though all of you did see me fall because I friggin' posted it on my blog!).

Next week is going to be wonderful. Tomorrow is going to be wonderful. Here's to rough weeks that make us appreciate the awesome weeks even more.

Now, off to find that nasty Theraflu again. (Shudder)

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