Monday, December 21, 2009

Earning their keep

Belle and Buddy wanted to play outside the other day.
Being the tricky mom that I am I said, "Suuuure! But, there is a ton of dog poop in the yard, you'll have to clean it all up first."
Belle is a pretty shrewd negotiator too, so she said, "Can I have a quarter for every poop?"
I was expecting that so I countered, "Yes if Buddy helps too."
Ooooh, I upped the ante there!
The kids conferred and agreed.
They also wanted to build a snowman. I told them when the poop was clean they could knock themselves out.

I bought a poop grabber for the kids a few months ago, so it got a workout.

Buddy held the bag for the poop and scouted the yard while Belle did the "heavy lifting".

The bag of treasures!

After the victorious poop seeking mission, they built a snowman!
It was a hoot to watch them outside. But, since they put on socks for mittens (we appear to have lost every pair of gloves and mittens we have ever owned once again), I will be making a dreaded trek to the store for some gloves.

This is why I had kids. So that one day (today) I would not have to do the crappy (literally) jobs.

Oh and Belle and Buddy made out $8 richer. That is a LOT of poop!
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