Friday, December 4, 2009

I am diseased and I am SO STINKING HAPPY ABOUT IT!

I am celebrating right now!
I just Housed myself and I finally have an answer!

Well it started again about a week ago only a bunch of my toes were all wonky and gross and last night I just about lost it because I couldn't walk without wanting to cry.

I got online and googled and googled and googled some more and I finally found a diagnosis that sounded right:

The pictures, the feeling, totally fit the bill.
So, I was going to take that info and just go with it, but then I had a thought: What if my tingly fingers were somehow related?

So I googled both together and found the only thing that comes up is RAYNAUD'S DISEASE .
Then I looked and these pics HERE and I nearly passed out. My hands and feet look like that All. The. Time! Especially in the winter!

I got all excited and went to the doctor this morning because I just had to know if I was right. And guess what, I was! He said before I said a word he thought of Raynaud's because he has seen it before! So we are doing a blood test to confirm it isn't secondary Raynaud's (which would be bad, we want primary for sure) and he got me some medication that I am going to take and that was that!

This may be odd to you, but I am thrilled right now. My tingly hands and frosty feet have bothered me for years. I have seen more than one doctor and I never thought to put the two together before. Raynaud's is for sure an annoying disease, but it won't kill me. I'll have to make some changes to my life (ie no more walking outside in flip flops during the winter) but I can handle that. I just feel so happy knowing what is wrong with me and knowing how to handle it.

Of course this part is the most hilarious to me: The best way to prevent an episode is to avoid cold and stress.


I am so happy. I feel like House right now. I'm even limping (because my feet are freaking killing me!).

So, yay for diseases that are annoying but won't kill you! Yay for finding an answer and yay for google! I love the internet!

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