Thursday, December 17, 2009


  1. Crocodile was Crocolipe
  2. Isabelle was Absell
  3. Grandma was Pa-ma
  4. Grandpa was Pom pa
  5. Lawnmower was (and still is at 7 years old plus she taught her brothers this too) Mow lawner

  1. Remember is bemenber
  2. Gatorade is Alligator
  3. Actually is Akkkk-shully
  4. Detective is Teciv
  5. Last year when he refused to call me mommy and only called me Kimber it was Kimmer
  6. And of course, Lawnmower is mow lawner

  1. Ada is Aya
  2. Suzy is Zee zee
  3. June is ju ju
  4. Gatorade is gator (he is trying to say alligator)
  5. Buddy is always Bubba
  6. Xander is Nanner
  7. Nelly is Nenny
  8. Prayer is pair
  9. Love you is wuvue

Just want to remember who misprounces what and how.


  1. Nelly also calls herself Nenny. But if you call her that, she gets mad. Those darned Ls are so hard to say.

  2. Emma, for thank you would say dooba doo. Cutest thing.