Friday, December 25, 2009

Twas the day before Christmas...

By the way, I found out why so many people kept saying "Merry Christmas Adam" on the 23rd of December.
The 24th is Christmas Eve and apparently Men got their knickers in a twist and demanded their own day before Christmas too.
This gender equality is getting out of control...

Anyhow, I could not take it anymore so we opened one present Christmas Eve.

X got a Transformer!

Buddy got a "Staw Waws... the Car Waws" (Star Wars the Clone Wars roughly translated) helmet. I wasn't going to buy this BUT everytime he talked about Christmas he mentioned it and Amazon had a sale on it ($30 friggin' dollars off!) so I got it.

And Belly got a Littlest Pet Shop doll. She was thrilled since it was one of the only surprises she got.

Christmas day was even better...
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