Friday, December 18, 2009

Who are those masked men? (well boys)

I fear hearing this phrase one day:
Look, it is the Tower Brothers robbing another gas station.
These two... oh sweet motha, they are so odd.

The other day Buddy got into the craft (crap) bucket and found the small mountain of while masks I aquired awhile back.
He and X HAD to wear them.
Buddy wore his to Belle's recital Monday night (yes I allowed it, no I wasn't thrilled, yes I was on survival mode, no it wasn't cute and yes it was the only way to keep Buddy from going ballistic at the recital and I needed to avoid such a scenario. Also, he was a jet plane so it just made sense.)

I got some lovely shots the other day of the boys in their masks.

Buddy is a "juh-ninja" as he says. Xander is a lump apparently.
Note the similar poses by the boys here. We spend a LOT of time waiting to take this pic because Xander was examining his brother's pose and trying to mimic it. I love that.
Just relaxing. Because masks are the perfect accessory for watching tv!
Xander needed two masks at one point. Oh and he is feeling a kinship with Malcom X too.
(Hilarious to me sidenote: X has just noticed all of Buddy's macho poses and he now wants to do macho poses too. It still shocks me that a few short months ago he was a sweet baby and now he is a BOY! A loud stinky, yelly, belchy--- he is the only member of our family who can burp on command and he does so constantly--- B-O-Y!)
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