Saturday, December 19, 2009

Who's got the power, the power to read?

Super Xanny!
In case I haven't mentioned it, Xander LOVES the PBS show "Super Why"

He begs to watch it every day.
He also likes to wear his cape and be Super Why!
And he can sing parts of the song too.
I find it adorable, so I had to document it.

This cape is actually a playsilk we tie dyed at my pal Heidi's daughter's birthday party. We LOVE playsilks!
A better view of his cape.

He was rescueing Ada. As you can see she was in grave danger of taking a nap and Super Xanny just couldn't let that happen.
Then watching "Super Why".
Don't mind his messy face, I have decided I can only wipe a kid's face 20 times a day before their skin gets too irritated from the wiping off, so I'm controlling my urge to clean his face as often as I like.

Xander's personality has been such a surprise to me as he has morphed into a toddler. Just like his hair, which I was certain would stay dark... but now he is the blondest kid of all! He is continually surprising me and now that he and Buddy are becoming even closer friends it is just wonderful.

Super Xanny... to the rescue!
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