Tuesday, January 5, 2010


(In case you wondering why I am posting so much right now, well, 2 reasons. 1. Stuff happening and 2. I'm about to be too busy to post and I'm trying to hurry and get this stuff done.)

I got this movie for Sambo and I for Christmas. I also bought extra copies and gave them to my sisters. I have heard about it for ages now and everyone I've talked to says it either saved their marriage or improved it. Even people with "great" marriages. So, I thought Sambo and I could have a date night and watch it.

As Sam said, it won't win an Oscar and it reminded us on occasion of a video we would watch during seminary... but I think that was the point. It was very straightforward and simple in that sense. There were scenes that made me cringe thinking about how far Sambo and I have come in our relationship (little secret: marriage is no cakewalk! It is hard to figure things out!). It reminded me to always work on keeping a marriage strong and not get lazy.

Anyhow, I would encourage any of you to watch this movie. You can borrow my copy if you want. (I also picked up a few extra copies so you can try to con me out of one if you want). There is a book that goes with the movie called "The Love Dare". I have heard of people doing "The Love Dare" on their kids or extended family or people they know at work or church. I have big plans for that book.

Anyhow, here is the trailer:

Honestly, no matter what kind of a relationship you have, this movie would benefit anyone. We can always improve.


  1. When I saw this post title, the movie was the first thing that came to my mind. It's actually one of the motivations I had in fulfilling my New Year's Resolution this year of being a better wife.

    Chris watched it with me and pretty much came to the same conclusion as Sambo, but I definitely see myself as the one that needs to improve, and it's already hoping.

    Let me know if you find any good deals on the book. I thought it was free on-line and I can't get myself to spend the measly $8 to purchase it, so I've been doing my own "love dare" in a sense.

    Thanks for making this post!

  2. Add us to the list of saved ones! This movie is great.