Monday, January 4, 2010

God just winked at me

I mean it.

First off, remember, I ooze sarcasm. So it should surprise no one that my relationship with God is interesting on occasion. Exhibit A: The Fridge Miracle (Click here to read)

Over the years, many other things have happened just when I need it the most, in ways only I would expect from God that lets me know He is tuned into my channel.

Today was one of those days.

I had some errands to run today. I didn't want to, but I HAD to. Really. It is like a giant boot from Heaven (perhaps my Grandpa Janes') was kicking me in the hiney until I got off the couch. I grumbled the entire time, pouted in the car and thought of all the things I could be doing instead.

So, I was grumbling and whining in my head. The kids were in the car with me, doing my grunt work. (because I am allergic to cold... hot DANG I love my disease!) I thought to myself the following: I had better get some extra fancy reward from God for this... grumble grumble.

The MOMENT the last gift was delivered my phone rang. It was someone who saw an old ad for piano lessons who enrolled her kid on the spot. Giving us extra income we need right now with the citywide paycuts (another story).
There's more.
Then as I hang up I hear that voice in my head. The one that yells at me when I'm wrong (so there is a lot of yelling in my head on occasion) and the one that is barely nicer and always sarcastic when I am not wrong.
It said, "You're welcome."

Wink wink.

(*editor's note--- still me, but I want to sound fancier--- I decided to edit this post because I reread it and realized it could offend and I didn't think of that before. I like to say what I think, but I would prefer not to hurt someone's feelings if I can make the same point without doing so. That is all.)

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