Monday, January 11, 2010

If you find Breastfeeding in Public offensive...

You should read this article.
You should read it even if you don't because it is hilarious and I have wanted to say (or have said segments of) exactly that.

Oh and remember, lactating women can be dangerous. Just read what I did (on accident!) when I flew to Chicago for the 2008 Babywearing Conference!

Oh and why the lactavist slant today? Well I was lucky to attend a BEST meeting today (breastfeeding education group) and was reminded that Idaho is very lacking in its protection of the nursing mother and child.

Plus I got to work on conference things today that had to do with breastfeeding and it made me go all lactivist.

Plus tomorrow is the first Idaho Babywearers meeting of 2010 and I am excited. Can't wait to see the new presidents in action. They are really so very cool and are the perfect women for the job.

Enjoy the read!


  1. I loved that post too and agree with 100%! I just love that blog. It made me realise how happy I am that Finland doesn't circumcise and Touko isn't "snip-snipped"!!!

  2. I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand, yes its natural and not a big deal and all that. On the other, I think that sometimes it is necessary to be discreet. I've nursed in all kinds of public places, but I use a blanket or nursing cover. I mean, I don't really want my brother-in-laws or my husband's buddies or my dad seeing my boob and they wouldn't really want to see it either. Boobs are sexual to men. They just are. Some women need to accept that. Go ahead and nurse in public, but if there are men around, make sure the boob is covered. Just my opinion. I can respect yours if you can respect mine.

  3. Mandi, I know. It is a new fave of mine too.

    Karianne, I can totally see your point. There is a difference with having the right and freedom and getting the respect one deserves and flaunting it another's face.
    When I look at those pics of mamas who are nursing without a cover up, I'm cool with it because you truly can't see anything unless you try to.
    Having said that, courtesy for others who are taking time to change their opinion is just the decent thing to do.