Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Happy" New Year

Happy Chinese, how I love thee.
My parents invited us to go to Happy New Years day. Of course we said yes because it is the very best food ever (and msg free!).

Of course, as is the nature of our lives, the bat phone rang and Sam had to take off and enforce the law.
We have a deal that unless it is an absolute MUST that Sam be present, we will NOT rearrange plans that involve the kids (because the kids need to respect Sambo's job as the winner in the schedule, but need to know that they are the top priority at all times and that life goes on, even when criminals are afoot).

It was so good.
So good.
If you have never been, I highly recommend it.
My kids inhaled their soup and sweet and sour chicken and anything else my parents or I gave them.
I am not sure if my dad even ate because Buddy was bogarting the plate.

My lunch (had to bring some home). So good.

Of course my mom didn't want Sam to be left out, so we ordered him some food too.

Black Pepper Beef. He was very happy when I got back with it since he ended up working about 12 hours.

So, Happy New Year!
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