Monday, January 4, 2010

A plop and a flop

Chalk this up to Jell-o not being my forte.
Yes I know it is a Mormon staple and I should be born with a Jell-o Jiggler in my hands, but we all need flaws (Ha!).

My friend Marie blogged about doing this on her blog and listed the instructions she followed HERE.
So, I went for it.
I only did 2 colors because I only have the giant boxes of Jell-o.
One tip: When you put in the additional layers, use a ladle so you don't break through the prior molding.
We waited over 24 hours.
It was looking good.
I went to heat it up and get itout of the mold. The directions say to put the mold in hot water so it comes out for 10 seconds. I studied that closely.
It also says not to keep it in longer as the mold will melt.
that part I did not study.

Sam plopped because I was a chicken and boy did it plop. And sploosh.
I melted my top layer! Argh!
I also see that I did not evenly do my layers.
This is a view of the ugly.

It looks better here, but you can see the extra liquid still.

Lesson learned. It was still rad to eat, but next time I plan to follow the directions better.
I believe I am Jell-o impaired.
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