Thursday, January 14, 2010

This post is dedicated to Buddy's future wife

Dear preschooler who will one day be the woman insane enough to marry my Buddy Boy (don't worry, I'm insane too, look who I married),

Today, I was putting Xander down for his nap and Buddy went downstair and was alone for about 8 minutes.
We both know how this could have ended.
When I walked down the stairs Buddy sat up straight and immediately said, "I didn't touch anything. You look beautiful Mommy."

So I gave him a piece of cherry pie.
May as well reward good behavior.

Or the ability to cover your tracks and use a compliment to stay in the woman you love's good graces.

I was thinking of you when I did this.
You're welcome.

Kimber (or as I will insist you call me, "Big Hoss")

Forks are for eating pie!

If my mouth is full I can't compliment you, but I also can't say something that will get me in trouble so it evens out.
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  1. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! can he come over and teach my husband a few tricks ;)

  2. So adorable, Way to learn him up right mama!!!!