Monday, June 7, 2010

My tribe is here

Today was a zany day and a few things that happened sucked but the day is over and I don't care anymore because something just hit me:


I know some of you are saying, "huh?" That's okay. Because a lot of you know exactly what I am talking about.
It is here. The conference is here. And my tribe, my people, the ones who boost me up when I need the confidence, help me think through my parenting choices, who are so different from me in religion, culture, race, food choices but so very much like me... they are here.

3 beautiful reminders today:

First, I was running to get things done. Dr appt for me (and here is another ray of sunshine, super healthy baby heartbeat, definitely not floating at the top of the uterus like a dead goldfish---- Woooooo!), shopping for my dear Kristi who will be staying with me this week, shopping for conference supplies and I had the Stampede Days stuff to do that was totally stressing me. My phone would NOT stop ringing and I felt more and more work landing on my shoulders. Then, Melissa Radcliffe calls, and bless her and her family, she says she is in Rigby now and wants to be put to work.
She came over and helped me get Stampede Days straight in my head, joked around with me, her hubby was so nice (and has the same name as my nephew Hamilton!) and the kids... it was heaven to have all those kids playing together.

Then, while she was there are familiar face appears on my doorstep.

Nancy Blink from Canada was driving past our house, saw the "Hippies" sign and just KNEW it was my home. What a wonderful moment to see a friend! Made me so happy and actually, I had a tiny dream that people would just pop by my home while coming to the conference so my dream came true!

Tonight I was checking in with Marie and who was there... Diane Pepin! We got to talk, she gave me a pep talk after a rough early evening and all these happy memories of Chicago came back.

It was so wonderful.

I'm seeing all these facebook updates of my dearly loved friends from all over the country and other countries who are on their flights right now, driving... coming here. My tribe is coming here and many ARE here.

It may be a silly thing to some of you, but this is a dream that is coming true for me and I am so happy to have my friends from all over here to teach and learn and remind me that I'm doing good and helping me to improve and I get to share this feeling with all my friends who are here.

I wish all of you who read this blog could be here. This is such a wonderful moment. I will cry a lot. And I might even let people in my bubble to hug me. But on that last bit, maybe find Heidi and hug her, she is my surrogate hugger.

I can't say it enough.

My tribe is here.


  1. I had a dream about the conference the other night... Sure wish I could come and see if any of it was actually true! :) I can't curse the kitchen remodel, because I love it, but it's sucked all the money (and then some) away! Have fun, and good luck! Maybe I'll get to go next time!

  2. My bag is packed! See you soon!

  3. Wow. Preggo in the bus station just got all teary -- stopped short of spillage though!

    I am SO EXCITED!

    Dreading the next 12 hours of traveling, to be damn sure, but SOOO excited.

    Good heartbeats are beautiful, too. Can't wait for our bellies to meet each other.

    Can't wait for .... everyone.


  4. let me know where you need me.. The boys have doctor appointments today and I work tues and wed night.. NOT TO WORRY!! Im up by 10
    Call me and I will go where you need me!!!!

  5. Good luck at the conference. I hope it goes wonderfully and that you survive!

  6. Erin @ OneParticular KitchenJune 8, 2010 at 4:38 PM

    this made me all smiley and teary at the same time. I wish we were there!

  7. So bummed I can't be there. Have fun all!

    Stupid money. After Shiny's $4000 tooth debacle, our tires decided to give up the ghost, another $500 out the window. Just not in the cards this year.

  8. I got all smiley and teary too. Stupid PMS. LOL!

    I'm soooo happy you have good memeories from the last Conf! Meeting all my online friends was so stinkin' fun. (Anyone in need of a good laugh, go read Kimber's posts on her trip to Chicago!)

    But when I go to meet giants in the Industry... (Let's just say Jan probably thought I was an idiot. I was too nervous to SPEAK!)

    Today I'm meeting w/ some of my local tribe mamas. In honor of the Conf, we'll be playing w/ carriers! Thank you to the Vendors for gifting so many carriers to help us promote the BWing love!

    Peace out, hippie freaks! Fly the flag high in Rigby!