Thursday, July 29, 2010

Edward is 5 today! Happy Birthday middle child!

Personally, I'm just stoked he lived to see the age of 5.
Four is a rough year with our kids apparently and five has been like a shining beacon of hope for us, keeping me mostly sane and ready for the wonderful that comes with 5 year olds.

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So far he is having a great time.

Last night Aunt Jade and Uncle Ben and cousins Tonnelle and Hamilton and Grandma Kim and Grandpa Steve came over, which was a huge deal because we never see our cousins and we miss them even though they send emails and call us and send notes in the mail  here and there. So that was exciting.

And Grandma and Grandpa brought over pizza and ice cream sandwiches for Buddy (oh and lest I forget the juice he keeps talking about) which was a big deal for him. He was very excited. Then everyone played in the back yard and he was so happy.

Grandma and Grandpa got him this monster truck shirt and the shorts and it came with the truck he is holding (I am trying to find a screwdriver so I can put in the batteries before Buddy dies of impatience).

He is officially in love with this shirt since he had it on at about 2am when he came stumbling in to ask for a drink of water.
Look! My kid has finally learned how to smile for the camera! 5 IS an awesome age!

Showing off his truck.

And ready to not take any more pictures.

Some things I love about Buddy right now:

He is finally understanding that saying what you think is an admirable quality, but some things are best left to the "inside voice" or for when we are all alone as a family in a car. One of our rules that seems to work is that the kids can say anything they need to say (because we all need to get things off our chests sometimes), but if it could make someone feel bad they need to wait until it is just our little family around and then they can say it. I love that he gets this because it is saving me tons of embarrassment. And now that I've bragged him up he's going to go on a bender and say whatever he wants for the next week.
Oh and for the record I have no idea where he got that saying what you think attitude. Hee hee.

He is learning that negotiation is crucial to happiness. Love it.

He makes the funniest faces when he corrects someone. These faces that just scream, "I am surrounded by imbeciles." I love it because he does it all the time.

He loves primary. Finally. His teachers are so sweet to him and it makes me so happy. I love our primary presidency, they are so good to him even when he is being naughty and I can't correct, him because I am leading the music (so bless their hearts they help me out with him), and he loves to sing loud and answer questions. He comes home and asks the most profound questions about things we learn at church and I know it is because he is happy and secure there. It is silly but I relate to him in that sense because he and I are alike that way. We need to feel liked and valued and then we are so happy to be somewhere and I can just tell he knows that his teachers and leaders love him and he WANTS to do good for them.

He is so eager for preschool. Sambo and I decided to hold him a year before we started the kindergarten madness as he would be the very very youngest and that just seemed like a lame idea. He is smart and I think he would be okay in kindergarten, but I know he will be even better in a year. But, he is excited for preschool.

He is becoming a very good big brother. He is starting to understand what it means to be an example and he works hard to make good choices so his brother will too. I love that.

He is a leader. Oh dear, a bossy leader too. We're working on it, but at the same time I am happy to see that he always knows where he stands and he strives (I really can use the word strive with him if you have ever seen that purposeful walk of his you would agree) to bring everyone around him to his level all the time. I can see now that his stubborn personality is going to be such a benefit to him as he is older and as Sambo and I help him to decide what things to stand for and how to live.

He's still my sweet boy at the end of the day. I love the moments when he says, "Mommy I love you and you are the only Mommy I love." He says lots of other nices things, but they are just for us. Of course he also called me chubby the other day, but I am letting that one slide for now...

There he is. The 5 year old. We love him and plan to keep him.

Happy birthday big boy!

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