Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Forecast of my week

This is how I know I'm going to have an interesting week:

Monday morning.

I'm teaching piano lessons. It is my terribly shy, darling younger boy student.
My other two students, brother and sister, both teenagers, are sitting on the couch waiting for their turn.

My kids are being good...
Or so I think.

All of the sudden Xander bursts into the living room wearing nothing but a diaper and my bra he pulled out of the laundry.

He starts dancing around for everyone. At first I hope no one notices, but it is pretty obvious from the red faces and laughter that I can't ignore this one away.

Is it bad that I was relieved that it was at least a semi cute bra and not a utility bra? Probably. Oh well. I needed a silver lining there.

And there is Belle in the corner, snickering away.
Little heathen.

So, I try to be as nonchalant as possible as I ask her to take her brother and my, ahem, laundry to the other room.

And then it is like herding cats trying to get those two out of there.

Meanwhile Buddy is "cleaning" the bathroom for me and puts 2 or 3 empty toilet paper rolls in the toilet and flushes. I have to rush to fish them out (while my students are still here) and as I'm elbow deep in the bowl Buddy tells me, "I just peed in there."

And there you have it.

This week is going to be something.

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  1. Can't wait for part 2, "Friday: Where did this week go?"

    The other day, I was remembering our Choreography class we took together at ISU many moon ago. I remember you doing a funny piece that started in plie or something. Think about that while you're reclaiming your bra and fishing in the toilet--it might take your mind off the reality of what you're doing.