Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Fun Day July 16 2010

So, I left my camera at home today and didn't get any pics of the fun we had.
Go figure.
But I got some shots of the aftermath.

We had a good time.
First we went to the Rexburg Splash Park.
I've never been there and it was really fun.
They do a free lunch there and it was really nice so the kids ate up mid-splash and then got back to work/play.

I got to hang with some pals and that was nice too.

Then when I could tell my kids were getting a bit over cooked (ah, I missed a spot with the sunscreen on me and I am feeling it already!), we packed up and went to the cupcake store to split a cupcake.
And of course we bought some extras so we could suprise Sam with one (he needs to be a part of the Friday Fun Day too you know) and then we came home.

It is HOT today so I've forced the kids to sit on the couch, drink water and eat fruit and watch tv.
I know, I am the meanest mom in the world.

And I guess Buddy played harder than the other kids:

He took a good 30 minute nap and just now woke up.

Xander fell asleep too. Or did he?

No! Just wanting to copy his brother of course.
Oh and pay no mind to the cut on his lip.
Earlier this week the boys were chasing each other inthe living room and I warned them to stop because that game always ends with someone whacking their head or other body part on the coffee table the tv sits on . Moments after my warning... X lip vs Coffee Table occured and the table came out victorious. Fab.

Even Belle had a good time. But as you can see she got some sun too!

Good Friday Fun Day.
We finished the day with Brussel Sprouts, Tuna Fish (aka Daddy) sandwiches and cupcakes for dinner. Because we could.
 Then some mommy lawn mowing, Daddy tree spraying, kiddo swingset moving (with mommy's help) and a nice bedtime right at 7pm. 

Now, I think it is time to dig out a cupcake to split with Sammy...

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