Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Friday Fun Day: Operation Blue Angels

This may be one of the best Friday Fun Days we have done all summer!

One of my favorite for sure.

The Blue Angels were in town this past week and they had a fantastic airshow on Saturday and Sunday.
Being  the cheapskates we are though, those tickets were waaaay out of our budgets.
But the free practice on Friday afternoon wasn't!

We got up extra early and went to the meet and greet for the Blue Angels at the Snake River Landing in Idaho Falls.
There we met up with a few friends and their kiddos. That made it even more exciting because I hadn't told the kids that would be happening (I love surprises!).

I needed to run some errands, so we split up for a bit.
A certain fetus got really hungry, so I stopped at Great Harvest for a loaf of break to munch on with the kids. So good.

Then we went to Sam's Club. But Xander had a bit of a mood swing and we had to call it "Xander's Club" instead. Because it isn't fair that Daddy has a club named after him.

Finally we hit the IF library, our new favorite place to hang. The kids love to pick their books out and I love to pick books too. I selected a new cop thriller for Sam thinking I was awesome, but sadly he informed me the other day that he rated those cop books in the same category as novelty tee shirts... in other words he hates them. Argh. From now on I only get him books of his reading list he will give me.

Then we met up with our gang at the airport to eat lunch and camp out on our primo spot for the show.

Most of the kids munching away.
More kid munching.

Aarika being the baby whisperer. I don't know why but all the babies hated me that day! Probably because I was hiding in the shadiest spots the entire time (I fear sunburns) and just sat like a lump.

Katy helping Eliza with a Go Gurt.

The kids in their cave. Buddy made a new friend who is a boy (which is a big deal to him). His name is Jackson, but Buddy calls him WOLF.

I know it isn't a great shot, but I like it anyhow. My little Xander loves me.
And dang I have a lot of freckles!

More of the mommy mauling.
See his white hair? I love it.

I like how my kid is dressed... hippy tie dye, orange cloth diaper, green polka dot babylegs and transformer shoes.
It works!

After many hot, HOT hours, the show got on the road.
Here is Fat Albert!
A too kind Sea Man talking to the kids before the show. So polite!

X wanted to strip. Sigh.

Katy, Aarika and Jenn in the shade. I was in the shade of Angelina Jolie the Minivan.
Because I am a coward about backing my car up Katy did it for me. Yes, I am that wussy.

Probably the best shot to got. I know. I am just not a good photographer.
It was so incredible to watch thought.

Another shot. They moved so fast I barely got them in the frame!

Belle watching the show.

We left early so I could get home to Sambo and make dinner.
Plus my bladder was not impressed with me and the kids had reached the too hot place.
But it was an awesome day with fun friends. I am so glad we had the chance to see the Blue Angels fly. Who knows that they will come back to Idaho anytime soon so yay.
Any yay for a free show!

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