Saturday, July 3, 2010

I woke up to these words being stage whispered in my ear around 5am via Xander:
Mommy? You awake? Its Firework Day.


My kids have been looking forward to the Jefferson Lake fireworks show for ages now. It is one of our most favorite things about living here and every year we go to the show.

Sam also works the lake every year on bike patrol, so we get to see him while he is on duty and that is really fun for us.

There are very few perks to being a police family in this area, but one we do get is that is your spouse is working the fireworks, you can come close to when the fireworks start and sit in the police/fire fighter section. It gives me a thrill to get past the checkpoints for that reason and I love not having to be there all night.
We get Sam some dinner to eat on his bike every year and the kids wear their pajamas to it.

This year all 3 kids were so into it that we waited for Sam to call and give the go ahead in the car for 30 minutes.

Here are some pics of the fun. Be warned that I felt and still feel so very sick. But this is such a huge deal to my kids and I couldn't let them down and miss it. But I kinda wanted to die the entire time.

Sitting in Angelina the minivan waiting to go. See those happy faces?

Proof I was there. I know, I look so good when I'm sick. shoooosh.

X man ready to go.

Belle ready to go.

Buddy (who never smiles for a pic ever) ready to go. I got this kid to eat every meal all the way today because of the fireworks. God bless America!

Sam called and we were on our way.
I was giddy with driving through the checkpoints (I get my thrills of stupid things), and when we got their some of our police family was close by.

Something I adore about the minivan is that the back seats can flip over so you can sit stadium style on them and watch shows out the back.
We picked up an extra kiddo here (hi Shayleigh!) and that was fun.

Meanwhile Colton stayed close to his mama. Smart boy!

And Kaycie dozed through it.
My sistahs in blue, Alisa and Allison.

Every time we heard a loud noise Buddy would nearly jump out of his skin thinking the fireworks were beginning. He loves fireworks nearly as much as I love parades!

Mad Dog and the Sheriff.
Why we are all here.

The show was moments away. Can you see the excitement?
Again, see Buddy about to lose his mind with glee.

Proof I was there and excited too.

The Noel fam.
Big Daddy.

Proof I am married to this guy.
It got a little dark and scary for X. See Buddy here? He is trying to hug and comfort his brother, it was very cute.

Fireworks! And the door of my van.

Buddy loving it.
Belle having a great time.

X and that silly face. He was having such a good time too.

All too soon for the kids it ended and we drove home.
Sam is still working right now. It will be a busy night for him.
I am moments from bed, that took a lot out of me and I feel awful.
Good night.

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