Monday, July 19, 2010

I would not change a thing

So, here I sit.

On the floor of my bedroom. My hind end is asleep and it is really uncomfortable.

What is that you say? I should get up and move?

That is a thought.

Let me tell you about my day first.

It started kind of rough.

Apparently it was national "scream and hit your sibling during piano lesson time until your mother wants to put you on the door step for the mail man to ship to Siberia" day.

I only teach 2 hours a day on Monday and Tuesday and normally the kids are pretty decent and on a fairly regular basis are close to angelic for me. But today... oh today.

I eventually had to send each kid to their own location to scream it out: Belle to her room, Buddy to his and Xander to the playroom. It was really awful.

Then lunch came. I had missed breakfast because my kids were fighting this morning instead of helping me with morning chores which meant I had to clean the living room on my own more than usual so I was starving. And Sam pops in and this was a rare day when he demanded instead of asked for some food.
I was too frazzled to be mad, I took another road I prefer to take, which was that I picked something I wanted to eat (instead of picking what everyone else wants to eat) and that was lunch. I could see husband and children considering protest as it was mac and cheese with tuna fish and peas mixed in, but they were wise and put food in their mouths instead.

Today is one of my important dr appointments and I wanted Sam to come because he has been to this appointment with every kid so far. But he can't. Work. And, while I was holding out hope that his boss would have some mercy and let him come, 3 of our phones rang at once calling him out to something I know will take all day and maybe night and there is NO WAY he will be able to come to this appointment. Honestly, I am very disappointed by it. I could attempt to reschedule, but I also know how this job works and it just won't be in the cards for Sam to make it no matter when I schedule it. So, I will be taking 3 kids by myself and that will be an adventure.

Then I put X down for a nap and he was not onboard, but after awhile he went do sleep. Whew.

Finally, a break. Time to get ready for the day, relax and get everything done so we can go to the appointment in a bit.

Then X stumbles into my room sobbing.

He is tired. He wants to sleep.
But he wants to hold my hand while he sleeps.

So, here I am.

Pillow on half of my lap, computer on the other.
Holding X's hand with one hand, typing with the other.
Sleeping toddler and hind end.

I think I'll sit here awhile longer because all seems to be alright with the world as long as I am here. Where I am needed most right now.

Today has been a rough day where I didn't lose my cool and things are not exactly what I want.

I would not change a thing.


  1. aw, you made me tear up. i can remember days that had that same feel. we get through it, and wonder how. You are a good woman to listen to his needs, and be able to take the time for him. good job mama.

  2. Sweet story, Kimber! I love moments of clarity and gratitude.