Thursday, July 15, 2010

Maybe I'm not a total failure as a mother!

Remember when I had that really bad day as a mom? (look at the sidebar and go to the mothering belly flop in my "morals of the story" section of this blog).

Well, maybe I made a dent on the kids that day.

Today, two big moments in my childrens' responsibility levels.

1. I was putting X down for a nap and Belle came upstairs and told me that one of my friends was at the door. She had not answered it and more importantly, BUDDY had not answered it. He had, however, stuck his head in the window (sigh, baby steps) and given her his stern look and shouted NO at her (I think that was how it went down at least, that sounds like him). Of course the NO was actually him telling himself not to answer the door and I will take it.
That was a proud moment for me. I love that my kids did what they were supposed to do.

2. After the boys were asleep for the night, Sam and I went down the street for about 15 minutes and left Belle "in charge". She got to watch tv, not answer the door or the phone (but she could call us if she needed us) and we got a few minutes by ourselves. She was thrilled and did great, just watched tv and sat with the dog. I knew she would be fine and I wasn't worried, but Sam was very very hesitant to do this. I was babysitting other peoples' kids when I was 8, so in this very controlled environment with us so very close by... well, this is where Sam becomes the more protective parent which I totally respect. But I'm still excited because this means he can now take me to DQ and get me a blizzard once in awhile and we don't have to take the entire herd or beg someone to watch the heathens! Yay!

All in all good moments for me. My kids are getting older and more responsible and that is thrilling since I think I will need all the help I can get from them when Junior Cubed (that is the name for the moment) shows up.
Makes me happy.

Oh and on another happy note, I mowed the garden area (less happy during as happy when it was over, that is the only area I really dislike mowing, so messing and disorderly and I always get hurt when I mow it) and poo lawn tonight and Sambo is installing a screen door on our upstairs door right now (thanks Mom and Dad for the 2 screen doors, the downstairs one has already made the house cooler). He is a bit cranky about it right now, but he'll get over it when our bedroom stays so nice and cool all night instead of getting all hot and muggy.

Good day in Towerland.

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