Thursday, July 22, 2010

Picking our raspberries in July!

After the "nose debacle" of 2010, Sam wanted to pick raspberries in the garden.
So we did!

First, a pic of some of our garden. Looking good Sam! I have no clue what any of that is, but hope it is all food for me!

Belle and Buddy picking some berries.

Oh and see that white fuzzy thing in the pic? I think is it a GHOST... spooky!

I should submit it to one of the ghost websites and see what they say.
Or perhaps I am just a crappy photographer, that could be it too.

Did you notice Belle's hair by the way? Or Buddy's?

Yesterday in a fit of giddiness I shaved Buddy's head (life is just better that way for all of us, particularly the boy who hates to have his hair washed with soap more than anything in the world) and then I got really ambitious and cut Belle's hair. A lot. Like 6 inches.
If you are a hairdresser you should probably not get too close a look as it is even enough but I was pretty ashamed at how choppy it is. Of course in my defense, I am left handed and I was using right handed hair cutting scissors which is kind of like trying to cut down a tree with a butter knife. It wasn't much better when I switched to my right hand, but the job is done. I used a razor to make it all fringy on the bottom so I'm pretending we did an edgy, funky cut instead of crying that I suck at cutting my daughter's hair.

Either way she loves it and this length is great on her!

 Another look at my kids and their hair.
Oh and Xander wanted a hair cut too, but Sam and I have decided that the "Uncle Fester" just doesn't work on him and his white hair is the perfect length right now. So, he has to deal.

X showing off his berry!

 Look at all the berries that aren't even ready yet!
Remember, we planted 10 starts 4 years ago and our raspberries are INSANE now. And this is just the garden.
You should see what the new starts by the side lawn are doing! We are going to be drowning in raspberries over the next year or so!

Belle and a berry.

X man picked me a flower!

Another shot of the berries and a butterfly I saw.

Buddy and his berry.
He had a hard time with the berry picking and it didn't help that daddy was a bit on edge tonight.
So, I took him aside and showed him how to tell if a raspberry was ready and how to gently pluck them off their branches. Took him a try or two but Buddy is now an expert berry picker!

All in all was got a pretty big bowlful! We'll be out picking more in a few days and we just cannot wait!

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