Sunday, July 11, 2010

The results are in...

Okay, so they were the other day, but I wanted to keep you in suspense.

Can I tell you that I have laughed at some of your guesses on what we are having?

Some of my favorites are:
Twins (on my)
Triplets (super oh my)
A puppy
A hermaphradite (that one was a favorite as Sam and I often joke that the only gender we don't have is a "he-she". Yes we are bad people, I know)

I love the calls, facebook message and texts we got about this. But I think we have tortured you enough.

We are having...

A human. For sure.

A boy one to be exact.

And I can't wait.

Now, there is a downside. I'm going to need to quadruple the home owners insurance because my house is barely standing as it is with two crazy boys and a third could quite possibly bring the whole thing down.

But, think of all the yardwork I can make my boys do. Think of how often I can rearrange my furniture! Think of all the athletic events to go to, the fact that boys love their mama and how I won't have to pay for hair cuts, make up or prom dresses!

When we told the kids it was really fun. Xander has no clue what we are talking about, but he is very excited about this whole big brother business. Buddy was bummed for a second because he wanted a sister. Then we told him another brother can play boy games with him and we'll have another bed in his room and the idea of 3 beds to jump on won him over. Belle was harder to appease. She was so very disappointed. I remember when we told her Xander was a boy. She didn't speak to me that day. She was better about it this time, but she did cry. But we tried to comfort her with the knowledge that she and I will get to go shopping together, just the two of us, we can buy pretty dresses when she is older and she may never have to mow the lawn. Plus she will have 3 brothers who adore her. Pretty wonderful. With the added bonus of being able to help us narrow down a name... she was sold.

On the name thing... argh. Buddy wants Max, Belle wants Justin (like the unicorn on Scrubs) and Xander wants "bean". I don't know where that came from. Sam and I, sigh. I'm going to just bribe him like I did last time and then pick a name. So far that has worked out for us.

So, there you have it. Towerland will be full of stinky, loud, messy boys. Sounds pretty perfect to me.


  1. WOOT!!! I was right! It's cuz the Roy's had too many girls and now God's finally sending down the boys to balance it out... :) Love ya! Oh and I like this name but doubt Shay will like it, don't care if you do either but I'll tell ya, it's Marshall.

  2. Yay, another sweet, darling, wonderful crazy boy! When someone asked Kolya if he was excited to have a new baby sister he gave them a tortured look and said dryly, "I wanted a brother."
    this is Angela by the way, it's too much of a bother to sign in.

  3. Congratulations! It really DOES sound pretty perfect.

    We did everything short of an U/S to determine sex with baby #2 (Intelligender pee test, etc.), and everything said girl . . . But he came out a boy, and it actually turned out to be the best surprise. I looked and confirmed a few moments after the birth, and I just laughed and laughed!

    Good luck on that name thing.
    Rylie didn't have his name until day 3~


    Leslie, HybridVigor (TBW)

  4. Your daughter wants to name your son after JD's unicorn? Epicly. Awesome.

  5. Is "congratulations" the right thing to say? Or "super cool," or "high five," or "damn, mama, I so enjoy reading your blog posts?"

    Regardless ... yay. :)

    We have a friend whose son's name is Albion, and they call him "Bean" as a nickname. Or Allie. Or Allie-Bean. I rather like it.

  6. Yeah! I love boys. I love girls too, but the emotional thing really gets to me some days. Boys are crazy bundles of adventure, but when they are upset all you have to do is feed them and they are fine. Girls will cry and cry and cry and no amount of coaxing or coddling or promising ponies will get them to stop! But you know this already, don't you. Doesn't change much as we age, does it?

  7. You guys crack me up. Touko didn't get his name until 1 month after he was born. We didn't even think about it before he was born.

    Anyway, awesome! You can tell Belle that when older she will have all these brothers to protect her.

    Oh good thing I didn't get a dress for him. I was so tempted.

  8. Well, just to piss you off how about this name suggestion... Jacob. You allready have Edward, and Bella from Twilight so why not just finish off the trio ;) I am so excited for you guys and can't wait to meet baby boy Tower!

  9. Yay! Congratulations! You have it just perfect. A girl to babysit, boys to do the work. What a blessing. ;)

  10. Congrats! I am so out of the loop, this is the first I am realizing you are pregnant again! I hope all goes well with you. What a lucky little boy, to have such a fun (and crazy) family to be born into. Love ya girl!