Thursday, July 29, 2010

Simple pleasures: Running through the sprinklers

I'm all about simple pleasures in life.
And having dry grass in the morning.

Let me explain.

Sam and I have a never ending argument about the watering of the lawn. We both agree we need to do it. We both agree we like happy green grass. But he likes to water at night for some logical reason like the grass soaks it in better or something and I want to water at a time when it won't make my grass soggy all morning long when the kids want to go outside. But that leaves... not many times of day.

I was mowing the backyard yesterday morning and I had a brilliant (for me) idea: We should water the lawn in the middle of the day when it is so hot the kids and I don't want to be outside but when they can run through the sprinklers if they want and have a regular pool party! Of course!

So, that is what we did.
And it was very fun for all.

I spent the time in my upstairs bathroom scrubbing out the bathtub and the toilet (as Sam has gone on strike and won't do the bathrooms for me anymore, boo). while I left the screen door open so I could hear the kids play while I worked. When I was done I sat right by the ac unit and watched them play.

And boy did they play.
Xander loved to touch and move the sprinklers. That was uncool so I had to keep yelling to the kids to not move and mess up my sprinklers, sigh.

Belle prepping Buddy for a run.

Recovering from a sprinkler blast.

Then the kids posed for me. They pick their own poses. They are very cool as you can see.

Me and my crazy "I just cleaned things I never wanted to" face. Man I hate cleaning the bathroom. But I love watching my kids have fun!

Belle was "diving" into the water.

A shot of the full backyard. I love our backyard.

Then at the end I had the kids run in and hop in the sprinkler.
That was a critical error on my part as I forgot I mowed the lawn today and then let my kids climb into my freshly scrubbed tub with all the grass clippings up to their knees. So I had to clean out the shower again. That was not my happy face.

Ah well, still a good day.

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