Monday, July 5, 2010

The Towerland Freedom Extravaganza 2010

This was a momentous year for us.

Sam is very patriotic and I like to be silly so we decided we needed to become Rigby's very own Frank Vandersloot (for those who don't know he is the wonderful person who funds the Idaho Falls Melaleuca Freedom Celebration every year and it costs millions of dollars so bless his heart for doing it), and have a cop-budget fireworks show.

We named it the Towerland Freedom Extravaganza.

Sam even made a playlist for the fireworks (which was too short of a playlist, but still awesome).

1. Journey "Don't Stop Believin'"
2. Dan Brown Band "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" (and sorry for the swear word that I missed TWICE, argh!)
3. Me first and the Gimme Gimme Gimmes "Comin' to America"
4. Survivor "Eye of the Tiger" (of course. Love that song)
5. Europe "The Final Countdown"

We were also hoping for something from Queen and the Karate kid song "You're the best around" but I couldn't locat it and I forgot to add the Queen song to the playlist. Boo. We'll do better next year.

So, we waited until 8:30 when it was kinda dark but kids were not in the evil place yet.
Then humans showed up. Best way to live.

We started with pops.

Didja see the uber kewl headwraps on the menfolk? I made some very strict rules for the Extravaganza and one was that all the official "helpers" had to wear designated gear. So I found my brightest Wrapsody headwraps and let the menfolk pick. They were good sports and some seemed to really like them (besides my Sammy).

Clark is the smart one who got out the hose and was ready to use it. Why you ask?

Because Sam got out a blowtorch to use for lighting sparklers.
And so it begins.

The kids were loving the sparklers.

Then someone gave Pete the blowtorch. Yes, lets start passing that around.

Belle seems to be a bit afraid of the fire.

You can't tell, but Clark was running with his sparkler. It was pretty funny.

People who didn't want to be set on fire.
Here is Sam planning his "strategery" for the fireworks show. It was fairly complicated at first, but eventually de-evolved to "grab the big stuff and blow it all up at once". Good times.

The anxious crowd.

Prepping for the first assault. They were reenacting a battle scene. Clark and Caleb threw "grenades" in when it started. Seriously.

X was giddy.
Drew decided to film the show. It was worth filming, let me tell you.

It just isn't worth lighting if you can't use a blow torch...

And then leave it out for all to enjoy.

Buddy was going all exorcist or something with excitement.

This was the highlight of the show. And I got bad pictures and I don't care. Sam and Caleb did an "Eagle" through the fireworks... twice. So worth it.

And the Eagle back. Caleb really did jump over the flames while Sam screamed, "EAGLE!"
It was so awesome.

And Buddy was very jealous.

The grand finale. Again blurry, but the "helpers" set off a bunch of crap and then stood around it with sparklers. It was awesome.

Pretty good show for a first year and we were stoked with the peeps who showed up bearing even more stuff to set on fire.

Methinks this will become a yearly tradition. Be ready Rigby!


  1. We had a lot of fun! You definately should make this a yearly tradition.


    Too bad we couldn't make it this year.

    By the way, interesting choice for song number 5 on the playlist... Rocking that Swedish stuff in a patriotic manner :D