Friday, July 9, 2010

We know something you don't know...

That was my sing song voice by the way.

Okay, here is one more reason why I simply adore my doc. (Dr Leavitt if you haven't heard me sing his praises yet.)

Besides the fact that he always goes out of his way on my visits and he is so nice to me and is super brilliant and all that (I really really like him, can you tell?), he always goes out of his way to make life better for me whenever he can.

Case in point yesterday. I had my visit and we talked about how not fun this constant illness thing has been and he was really sweet about it. Then he asked if we were finding out what this kiddo is going to be.

We are, I've just had to move the appt to a time Sam can do so it hasn't happened yet. Which has driven me CRAZY.
So I said, "We are going to find out, and I am dying to know."

So, bless his heart, Dr. Leavitt says, "Well, why don't we go sneak a peek and find out?"

Then he sneaks me on in and has the ultrasound lady find out, telling her I've been sick for weeks and just organized a conference and I deserve something fun.

Seriously, he is such a great person.

So, then she did the ultrasound and told me we are having...


(Oh and the very special few who know, don't answer, I am having a ton of fun with this one.)