Friday, August 6, 2010

Best Pets ever.

Lookit my pretty frou frou dog!

I love my Ada so much.

Here are just a few reasons I love this dog:

She doesn't shed.

She doesn't make my allergies freak out.

She is SO GOOD with kids. Honestly, the things I've seen babies alone do to her and she tolerates it. She is just so good natured and patient.

She "cries" when she is happy and it is cute.

She sits under the piano when I have students and just listens to them play.

She sleeps directly on top of my feet when they are cold. It is like she has a radar that tells her my toes are frosty. I can't count the times I wake up and feel her warm body on top of my toes.

I think she looks to skinny here, but Sam says she is fine.
See her new collar and pretty bow?

And her scrawny legs!

That is my puppy.
Honestly, I say this all the time, but really we can't ever get another dog unless they perfect cloning and we can just have another Ada when she dies. And I hope she never dies because I love her.

Oh, and here is June Cleaver.
Don't think I don't love her, this is the only good shot I got of her today.
See her new collar? She isn't impressed. But I love it.

Reasons Sam loves his cat June:

She is fat.
She sleeps on his head (maybe it gets cold like my feet, I don't know).
She tries to eat dogs.
She is pretty.
She is more intelligent than most humans (he has a point there).

My reasons:
She is too fat to jump on the kitchen counter and I love it.
She loves my kids, but has no issue with giving warning nips if people pull her tail and whiskers.
Ada (and every other animal that has lived in this house) is terrified of her.

We have good pets.

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