Saturday, August 28, 2010

Canning season has begun! Rasberries and Apples!

We love this time of year!
You may already know that we love to can in our house. And by WE I mean SAM! I love the end result of canning and I think I would love canning if I ever had a chance to actually do it, but just like the garden, this is Sam's domain. He will allow me in the kitchen and occasionally I get to help, but this is his thing and I mostly am in charge of getting the frickety out of his way.

I can deal with that.

Anyhow, my mom brought us 4 boxes of apples from just one of their trees yesterday so we (Sam) decided we (Sam) would can some applesauce today.

After Bountiful Baskets (honestly, why haven't you done BB yet? It is such a wonderful way to eat quality healthy food! X inhaled 3 plums on the drive home from BB today! Because plums are better than the cookie he could have had. I love it.) we came home and prepped (this involved cleaning so I was allowed to help, hee hee) the kitchen.

I wanted the kids to feel involved and our own apple tree is just full of apples so I sent them outside to pick up all the yucky apples on the ground and to pick the ready apples off the tree.

Buddy was telling me something about the huge bucket of apples they were going to pick.

Using the old kitty litter bucket for the bad apples.

Picking apples off the tree and putting them in a basket.

More apple picking.
I love that at two years old, Mr. X is able to take part in working with our family.  I think that is so important and he did such a good job picking apples with his brother and sister.

Meanwhile, the scene in the kitchen.
We invested in a victorio last year. Such a good investment! It made the applesauce a breeze!

Sambo doing all the heaving lifting and cutting apparently.

We (Sam) also finished canning raspberry jam, all from our very own raspberry patch.
We had some leftover raspberries, so Sam made raspberry lemonade from scratch.
So good. We need to can that too! I am going to beg Sammy to do just that!

This was our end result.
8  pint jars of raspberry jam plus 2 in the fridge (we gave 2 jars away so only 6 are pictured.

10 quart jars of applesauce. One broke in the canner (boo, but it happens) so only 9 are there.
And that was from 3 boxes of the apples!

Oh and here are the ingredients in our applesauce: apples.
That is it.
Applesauce is so darn easy to make and our kids love it!

My parents brought us 4 more boxes of apples today and we have to finish picking our tree, so we intend to do at least 10 more of the big ol' quart jars (though we may do some pints too just for variety, though with our family size the quarts are better for us) and I'd like to do 20 which I think is going to easily happen for us.

Then, for dinner after all this was done we got to have some yummy locally raised steak (I cooked that. I am a master steak cooker and Sam won't even bother because he knows my steaks rawk), fresh green beans and a fantastic salad made from our BB produce (so good the kids asked for seconds of all of it!) and of course, applesauce.

I love how we eat, makes me feel all happy to think of how cheap and yet healthy it is.
Now we are all wiped out from our hard work.

Oh and for those interested, this is a victorio.
It costs close to $80 new but honestly, it is worth it. So versatile!

Yay for canning season! And for me, Yay for a husband who really really really enjoys canning!

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  1. I just got the Victorio on Amazon for $60.95 with free shipping! Thanks for the suggestion!