Saturday, August 28, 2010

Carrot thieves.

The other day a lady from church so kindly brought us some veggies from her garden.
And they are lovely veggies too.

Look at those carrots! and some squash and onions!

Sam's favorite, some chard!
He cooked that up the other night and all of us inhaled it. So good.

And onion bulbs for us to plant next year. This made us really really happy.

I cleaned everything up and was preparing to slice, shred and put away in the fridge or freezer when I had to switch the laundry.
This is what I found when I returned.

I have a carrot thief!
And some accomplices who found the ranch dressing too!

Gee Ada, thanks for guarding the food.

Buddy was telling me they stole the carrot because they needed to be healthier and stronger and the carrot made them grow really quick.

I love that my kids steal carrots when I'm not looking.

And I love that people bring us produce. Let it be known, we always want your garden castoffs. Fruit, veggies... we don't care, give us boxes so we can clean, slice, shred, can and freeze!

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