Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cement in the driveway

Sometimes I want to complain but I try to just laugh and see the fun in things.
Like today.

I was sooooo tired and had closed my eyes to nap while X was asleep and the other kiddos were watching tv.
And a kiddo woke me up to tell me they were pouring the cement and we were trapped.

I knew they were going to pour at some point but I'd asked for a heads up so I could put a vehicle in the street and be able to leave my house as some point.
Obviously the right people didn't get that memo.

This meant I didn't get to go see my cousin Destiny who was driving through IF today at that time.
Of course X was still asleep and I never wake sleeping babies so I probably would not have gotten out the door anyhow.

And besides... it was getting finished and and I just plain grateful for that.

Here are a few pics:

When I took the pics I had a goood chuckle.
See that round thing in the bottom left corner?
Right there?

That is the main water shut off valve to our house.
Part of the reason they had to dig up our line is because years ago they cemented over it and couldn't get to it.

Well... there is a layer of cement over it again. That gives me a laugh.

I *think* if I drive on my grass I can get out, but I am afraid of hitting a sprinkler head so I need to find them and mark them.
And the people are slowly coming back and getting their tools they left in my driveway and yard, so that is nice too.

I could be frustrated.
But honestly, I am just grateful that it is done. And entertained about the cement over the water main. That will be entertaining down the road.
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