Friday, August 20, 2010

Computers and Cuts and Kittens, OH MY!

This Friday Fun Day did NOT go as planned.

Not even a little bit.

Started nice enough, I got to sleep until after 7am which makes me happy. Then we ate a leisurely breakfast and talked about what we would do for Friday Fun Day (since for the first time this summer I didn't have any idea what to do).

We planned on going to Kings (a local store) and looking for a slip and slide on sale for the back yard and having a waterpark day at the house.

But, first I wanted to set up Belle's computer for school, so we went downstairs and the kids did art projects while I set up the computer.
Eventually they decided to play "Spy Ninja" which was going okay until Xander cut his food on the brick part by our giant tv. And when I say cut I mean sliced it big time. I am really happy there are red flecks in that carpet because the boy bled all over the floor, argh.
So, I bandaged him up and he promptly bled through the bandaids. Uh Oh.
At this point Sambo came home and took over the first aid (thank goodness we have a first responder in the house, I was ready to strap some dish towels to his foot!) and did all sorts of logical things like applying pressure to the wound, using some butterfly thingy to pull the cut together and then fancy bandaids that absorb blood.
Finally Xander's wound was dressed. But then it started to HURT him. Seriously, it is a good cut, not deep enough for stitches, but a nice old gash. I tried to feed him but he was hurting too much so I gave him some medicine and hauled him to his room for a nap. Poor boy cried himself to sleep on my shoulder.

So, water fun was out with a wounded toddler who barely keeps on a bandaid for more than 10 minutes (we made him wear a sock so we would leave it alone).

I let the kids play some computer games at PBSkids (a rare treat around here) and then when X woke up he wanted to go see Grandma, so we piled in the car and a visiting we went. Kids were much happier after that.

Then Sambo got home, we had dinner and to finish Friday Fun Day we got some ice cream.

That was it.

Or so we thought.

When we got home the kids decided to play in the yard for a few minutes and Sam and I were talking when we heard a ton of mewing coming from our neighbors house. After a bit Sam spotted a teeny tiny kitten coming towards us. Ada ran over and bless that dog, just nuzzled that little thing. Sam took it next door and asked them if they lost their kitten and they said no... so Sam asked me if I wanted a kitten. Oh dear.

The kids spotted the kitten and we let them play with it and suddenly... another kitten shows up! Then another, and another and finally 6 kittens. Sam rounded all of them up but 2, one that was pretty wild and bit him and one that is hiding in the wheel well of his work car still.

The rest were just scrawny (so so skinny, you can tell they hadn't had food or water in days) and maybe at most 5 weeks old, just teeny.

So we got some food and tried to figure out what to do.

Currently they are in a box in our laundry room because we can't leave them out to be hurt or killed and we can't leave them in the house where June Cleaver will freak or they will poop all over or both.

The kids want to keep them all, which will not be happening, so now they are trying to talk us into keeping "Cotton Candy", the first kitten who Buddy named. Sigh.

Some pics:

This one is the smallest, but very protective of her food.
Cotton Candy. He was all over everyone and is very pury and snuggly.

She is the prettiest one, but the shyest too.

Ada watching over the kittens.

Buddy with Cotton Candy. He is just like his Dad and adores cats.

Xander trying to maul a kitten.

It looks like Sam is going Lenny on this kitten, but I promise he wasn't.

The pretty little shy kitten again.

Xander however, was going all Lenny on the kittens. Argh.

More kitten mauling. I swear I was shouting at that kid to quit it and he just went totally deaf. When will I remember that yelling never gets me anywhere with these kids?

Xander loves kittens. Really really loves them.

More kitten pics. All are girls but one.

Ada trying to play with Cotton Candy.

Another kitten with Ada.

Belle and Cotton Candy.

How I am feeling about the entire thing.
We already have a cat and a dog and nearly 4 kids and a yard and a minivan and... one more pet?
This is not good. Not good at all.

June Cleaver is with me on this one for the record.
But 3 kids said 3 prayers tonight they they could keep a kitten (or 6). Sigh.

According to the kids, this was the best Friday Fun Day ever. I am not so sure about that.

Stay tuned as this story develops.

Oh, and anyone want a free kitten?

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