Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 1 of Operation Orphan Kittens

So, we had 4 kittens corralled in the laundry room last night.
We are suckers for helpless animals.
The other 2 kittens would not let us catch them and I hope they are okay, haven't been able to lure them out to us.
Anyhow, some people came and got kittens and we only have 1 left.
Unfortunately, the kids feel this is a sign we need to keep one.

I admit, she is adorable. And I love animals. And kittens are so much fun!

But I can't add another critter to this house right now.
So, everyone, lets all wish/hope/pray together that someone calls and takes the final kitten quickly before the kids get anymore attached to her.

I am happy that 3 have homes (and I think pretty good ones), but I need to get this kitten a home immediately too.

Anyone want a cute black and white kitten?

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