Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall 2010 Sewing Project Season has begun!

I'm trying to get a lot of my sewing projects done before I get to big in the belly to reach my sewing machine.

I learned that lesson while a bazillion years pregnant with Xander and 80 baby carrier orders looming over my head with a 4 week window to complete them.

Plus I need to clear out a lot of fabric in my sewing room so I can talk Sambo into letting me order the fabric I need for a super fun and super scary (for me) project I am taking on before (please before) this baby shows up:
I am going to sew my own comforter set for our bed.

We'll see if that actually happens. If I haven't done it by Halloween I am going to add it to the list of things to do next summer.


I have a kitchen area that I mop all the time. And within hours it is gross again, mostly because the dishwasher and sink are there and water drips and I slip and swear and it all goes downhill from there (look at me rhyme!).

But I didn't want to buy a rug because they are a pain to wash.

So, I repurposed some fabric from my last kitchen project and a towel. I plan to find some skid stuff to attach to the bottom to keep it in place.

It isn't gorgeous, but I like it and it will serve its purpose AND be easy to toss in the wash once or twice a week. When it is entirely worn out I won't be upset about throwing it out either, so yay!

There is no design there, I just sewed until I felt happy.

Now maybe that will keep the spills and slips down to a minimum.

Then I made a pillowcase.

But not just any pillowcase.
A giane one.
For my giant pregnancy pillow.

This pillow is not like the regular ones and I can't really describe it other than to say I love it, it makes me sleep better at night and it is awesome.
Oh and Sam hates it because it takes up half the bed.
I say it is prepping him for when this baby is in our bed with us and Sam is stuck in the corner while Baby Boy gets his place of honor by mama.

Either way, the pillow is here to stay for a bit longer.
But it was getting gross looking and it has some velcro on it that sticks to me sometimes at night and bugs.
So I made a huge pillow case for it with some fabric I had lying around.

Oh and there's Alice, trying to be the center of attention.

That is my project that took way too much time as I spent a lot of time thinking about what fabric to use, the pros and cons, etc.
Then I realized I was lame and just grabbed something that was pretty and would be fast. It is a pillow for Pete's sake, who cares!

There you have it, my little projects are finally getting done. I only have a million more to go!
Oh and for the record these cost me nothing since all of it was lying around. Best kind of projects if you ask me.
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