Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Fun Day: World Breastfeeding Week edition

This was a great time!

There was a picnic to celebrate this week and the Idaho Babywearers had an informational booth. So I decided to kill two birds with one awesome stone and I volunteered to come help and brought the herd with me.

A hilarious moment this morning is when I told the kids what we were doing.
Me: We are going to go to the breastfeeding celebration picnic!

Kids: Yay!

Buddy: Because it is good for moms and good for kids too!

Me: Yep!

(Buddy gets a concerned look on his face)

Me: Whats wrong dude?

Buddy: Well, do you have to breastfeed us there or can we eat normal food?

Bwaaaa haaaa haaa!
I explained that the usual rules would apply and the only people eating breastmilk there would be babies who usually do that. But it was pretty funny. And when I said no Xander was rather bummed out. He had some hope for a minute that his beloved "night nights" would return to him. Poor kid. (He is going to be maaaaad when new baby brother shows up, I just know it.)

On our way to the picnic we dropped  Ada off at the groomer. It has been months, too many, and she has looked and smelled... like a normal dog. As opposed to the frou frou doggy look and smell we love around here. Poor thing, she was so sad when I took her inside the groomers.

Off to the park we went.

What a great time!

Awesome free food, honestly. Kudos to the event coordinator (Katy!) because the food was yum, the layout was fab and the kids had a ball.

There were games like ring toss and fishing pool for kids with prizes! My kids were in heaven!

I have been trying to free range parent a bit more, so while I stayed at my booth that  had a birds eye view of every nook and cranny in that park I told them they could go TOGETHER to the games and play them as long as we could see each other and they came back after a game.
They did pretty good! Buddy would go off a bit on his own here and there, but Xander was glued to his sister and Belle watched him really well.
And, whenever my short self lost track of them I would just excuse myself and do a locate, or Marie (who was running the show at our booth) would use her tallness to do a locate for me.
Sam was mildly appalled when I told him about this, but I really feel like we need to occasionally let the kids have a little space. In appropriate and safe environments. Not let them run free like animals and not ignore them and turn off the parenting chip, just give them a little slack on the leash there.

After 2 hours (and a sunburn on my neck, frickety!) we were done. We loaded up and headed for Petco to get Ada and June collars. Ada hasn't had a new one since we got her a year ago and It was time to get something special for her. June got one because I wanted to torture her a little.
Belle picked Ada's collar. Pink with skulls. Love it!
Buddy picked June's collar. Pink with dots and a bell. Of course he ripped off the bell because it was bothering him which I totally knew would happen when he picked it out.
All 3 kids picked some doggy treats... scooby snacks for Ada. 

Then we picked up Ada. She was so pretty. (Pics to come in another poast!) And so happy to see us.

Home we went!

They had face painting at the picnic!
Of course my kids want to be like their dad, so they all got "tattoos" (yes, Sam has a few tattoos, no I had no say in it and no it doesn't make him a heathen. But I won't lie, if he wants another one it had better say KIMBER or no go!)

Here are a few pics of them.

Buddy is like his mother and prefers to stay un-inked.

And another shot of my strange kids.

Here are some prizes from the picnic!
I won a new breast pump! Now if only my babies would take a bottle (other than Belle).
A mama gave me this onesie because it is a boy onesie and she has a girl. Yay!

The rest of Friday Fun Day his when Daddy came home.

First, we did something insane.
We had dessert before dinner!

We piled the kids in the car and went to the Artic Circle drive in. 3 kiddos left with cotton candy ice cream cones, I got my banana cream pie shake and Sam got a Lime Rickey. As per usual.
The kids were entralled with the idea of dessert first.

Then, dinner arrived.

I will discuss this more in a bit, but dinner was divine. We have some friends who make tamales every month and sell them for $1 a tamale. They are heaven. They made them today. We ate them tonight. Wonderful.

And then we made the kids go to bed.

Another fab Friday Fun Day in the can.

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