Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday Funday: Roaring Youth Jam!

If you have never gone to this and live in Idaho Falls, you are missing out!

We went for the first time last year and it was a hoot!
Free art projects for the kids, lots of fun booths, music... just a fun way to kill an hour or so.
(Though I do recommend having the kids wear clothes you don't mind paint on.)

For this Friday Fun Day we started with a visit to the IF library. I love that place.
For the record I love the Rigby library (and particularly their librarians) but I prefer to roam where I am more anonymous. Then no one can mock me when I check out a Star Wars book. (Uh oh, I just outed myself!)

So, library fun.
Then to the Youth Jam!

First up was music and paint together!
Note Belle's favorite shorts (they were pants and I hemmed them to shorts when the knees inevitably gave out like all her pants do), and Buddy's new favorite shirt the "monster truck" shirt. I have to hide it to wash it.
Xander is clothed and that is a victory since he had stripped in the car for me right before this. Argh.

More music.
Xander works so hard to be like his brother and Buddy has noticed it lately and it stepping up to the plate on it. Makes me happy.
Then we did shape imprints in clay.
Xander loved this one! I need to do it here at home with our play doh.

Belle and Buddy enjoyed it too!

More painting fun.

Then of  course, our kids being hippy children were drawn to the hula hoops on the ground and had to try them out.
Note to self: Seriously get some hula hoops!

Buddy dressed himself that day. and I think it works on him.

We stopped by the K12 booth so Belle to see some of the teachers and just because we are so excited for this year. We got pencils and frisbees, yay!

This was my favorite pic of the day. Xander won't hold my hands, but he loves to hold sister and brother's hands.

After this we went to Mrs. Powells for some free slush puppies and shared a broccoli soup and some bread. So good and a nice break. Then some quick shopping (and the kids got some candy, woooo!) and home.

Not a crazy day, but just right for us.

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