Monday, August 30, 2010

Isabelle's First Day of Second Grade

Here we are. The first day of second grade.

I'd like to take a moment and reflect on the first days of school in years past.

Belle's first day of Kindergarten

Belle's first day of First Grade 

You will note some similarities in there. Mostly that I wasn't thrilled to send my kid away for the day. And I can say that each 1st day has resulted in some pretty bitter tears on my part. Crying is just a part of the first day of school, isn't it? Sigh.

Today was like any other first day of school.
Well, kinda.

Last night I asked Belle what she wanted to wear to school. She wasn't sure. I told her she could make her own dress code and I'd roll with it. Buddy promptly suggested underwear and nothing else. Interesting choice that makes me mildly concerned for his first day of preschool. Belle decided to go with a church dress.

This morning the alarm went off at 7am.
It was raining outside and my first thought was, "ugh, I'd better get the kids moving or we're going to be late and I need Belle to wear warm clothes for recess and..." then my brain rebooted!

We didn't have to get moving, I'm the administrator and I get to make executive decisions! These kids NEVER sleep in and wasting a golden moment is stupid. I went right back to sleep for another 40 minutes.

Belle wandered in around then and started quietly moving around for the day. The boys bounced out of their rooms shortly after (a few minutes before 8am). It was magical. Seriously. I felt all rested and happy, the kids were all rested and happy and Sam was rested and happy! We got ourselves dressed and went downstairs for our traditional first day of school pictures.

(Hey, nontraditional school doesn't mean we should get rid of our fun traditions! We just get to change them!)

Daddy and Belle.
Do you like her dress she picked for school! It is a big day!

Xander got offended so we took one with him. He looks a lot like his sister in this pic.

Mommy and Isabelle.
I wore my fugly dance warm up jumper thing to celebrate today. I know some of you are rolling your eyes because you want me to burn this thing, but it is comfy and I heart it so deal, hee hee.

Me and my demons on Belle's first day of 2nd grade. Yes, Buddy is holding a box of peanut butter Cap'n Crunch. It was on sale and it made him happy.

The kids. Belle was going for the peg leg look ore something.

Mom and Dad.
Note the happy expression on my face. I was barely containing my glee over this morning.
Also note how blurry this pic is. I had to all but nail Sambo to the ground to get this picture. He is always so busy!

After Daddy left we had to rush out the door so Belle wouldn't be late.

Oh, hold on. Now we didn't.
We had some breakfast, chatted a bit and then looked for our coats and shoes.
Wait, we didn't look for coats and shoes either, I forgot.

But we did get ready to get in the car for the drive and of course the carpool.

At the back door.

Silly me!
There is no carpool! I don't have to deal with any of that nonsense!

We just needed to shift to the left a little bit...

To the gate for the basement.

Then down the stairs and into Belle's classroom.
So many desks to choose from.

Somehow she found the one she really wanted!

And school started.
Math, Language Arts, History, even Art!

New volcabulary, reading numbers aloud, drawing and learning about continents and oceans, quite a lot of fun!

The boys had some schoolwork too.

I won't tell you how long it took to get through all those subjects, it will just make you mad.
But I'll tell you this, it certainly didn't throw off the daily routine around here.

We finished right around when it was time for some grub.
My little cafeteria worker got to choose lunch and oddly enough wanted chili!
So, she made chili while I supervised.

During lunch I asked Belle what she thought of school so far. She said she loves it. She said she loves being the boss of lunch and recess. I don't blame her, it is pretty awesome.

After lunch it was time for Xander's nap. He wasn't in love with that plan, but them's the breaks when you are two years old.

Belle and Buddy got recess (they decided to watch "Beauty and the Beast", love it), and I did something I've never had the time to do on a first day of school with all the hustle and bustle and driving and scheduling and missing my girl.
Lie down and relax.
So I did.

And then it hit me. The tears.

Only this time they were happy tears.

I cannot wait to do this again tomorrow.

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  1. I'm so glad you guys found something that works for you and makes everyone so happy!!! We have been very tempted to home school and I'm sure would be doing so if our school district wasn't so fantastic :)