Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The lone karate-less kid.

Twice a week Daddy takes Isabelle and Buddy to karate.
They love it and have a fabulous time, but I am always left with a sobbing 2 year old who yells for Daddy to take him too as he spins and kicks and punches across the living room in vain.
(It is a rather hilarious sight to see for the record.)

I try to hug him and comfort him, but sadly, only one thing will make those giant tears go away.

Stripping to his skivvys and watching Super Why.


If he weren't so darn cute while he watches tv I would throw the tv out the window.

(Oh and disregard the mess under the couch and the dust around my tv. The cleaning fairy appears to be on strike.)

PS. I now need to figure out how to make a Super Why costume for Mr. Xander. He is being VERY insistent on this.
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  1. http://superwhy.tystoybox.com/ttc/Costumes/cPath/10456.html

    That might give you some ideas - or it might just be worth the $15 to buy one :)