Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Near... FAR

We learned something interesting at our recent eye appointment. Actually a few things.

1. I still suck at that lame glaucoma test; so much that for the 3rd year in a row the lady decided to just skip it. Hee hee, I am such a cry baby about it.

2. Edward is not afraid to say "duh" to an eye doctor. See the following exchange:
Dr: Can you see that picture on the wall (it is a birthday cake)
Buddy: Yes
Dr: Do you know what it is?
Buddy: Yes
Dr. Can you tell me?
Buddy: (after looking this doctor up and down in a pityingly manner) It is a cake. Duh.

Oh dear.

3. (This is the most interesting thing and the reason for this post) Belle does NOT need glasses! Woo hoo!
However, she is disappointed by this fact. However, she is Far Sighted! Interesting, yes?
I was rather surprised at this since Sam and I are near sighted and I just figured it was only a matter of time with her (and the rest of the kids). But, according to the doctor, she is far sighted and she is currently doing a good job making the "switch" when she reads and writes things that are near and far from here (however this is probably why her handwriting isn't perfect so we will work on that. But, she doesn't need glasses at this time. Maybe down the road she'll need some reading glasses, but maybe not.
Either way, I found that really interesting.
Belle is just plain annoyed that she doesn't get glasses. Her life is so hard.

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  1. I do vision screenings in the elementary schools. Kids frequently fake their ability to see. Not uncommon for the kiddos to want glasses. Silly kiddos!