Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our first church choir "performance" and the candy man

So, today our church choir got to sing.

I am the choir director and I can say very truthfully that I am not an amazing director. But I love music and I love to find songs that touch people's hearts so I really love it. (I love my primary kids and teach the music there more, but shhhhhhh, don't tell the grown ups!)

For our first song, I picked my all time favorite song, "People Need the Lord". I love the lyrics, they make so much sense and the melody is lovely.

Sam sang the solo part on it which made me happy. It is fun to hear him sing, he rarely does anymore. Too busy saving the world to serenade it I guess.

So, I found out last night we were singing which was fine, we were ready.

But, I had a worry in the form of three wacky kiddos who would have to sit for about 4 minutes unattended while I played the piano and Sambo sang.

This morning I came up with a plan I felt was brilliant and foolproof (you know where this is headed of course).

I would buy them some candy and give it to them to eat while we played. They would be so distracted by the candy (I tend to avoid buying it, though I refuse to forbid it because that will make it more awesome for them) that they would sit quietly and eat it and Xander would not wig and follow me and I would be able to focus and Sam would be able to sing.

But, I didn't have candy in the house. We had some Friday for Friday Fun Day and "someone" ate it all when her kids were asleep. Silly Mommy, I mean, "someone".

So, (and this is where I should have seen the poor logic behind this plan) I told Sam to take us to Maverik to buy some candy for church.

At this point I am pretty sure God chuckled and let his finger hover over the SMITE button.

We get our candy and go to church to rehearse really quick.
All goes well. The kids are sitting, we run it three times and I know it is going to be fine. We go sit down with the kids.

And I notice that Xander is all but flying around the chapel. Holy crap. That kid was LOADED on a sugar high! I've never seen him do that but he was literally launching himself off the pew to the floor, crawling all over, screeching... he was just insane. I asked Belle what she gave him and she said, all the skittles AND he licked all the sugar in the bag. Oh my.

So, we spent the next hour with a kid who was quite possibly was seeing double and rainbows and unicorns. I could not believe the sheer hyperness of him. He is never that nutty and Sam and I were dying.

Upside, I couldn't really worry about how the choir did.

Downside I was deeply concerned at how the rest of the church would do while I wasn't pinning Xander to the pew.

Then it was time to sing (and for me to play).
This is proof of how dumb I am.
I could not come up with a plan B, so I whip out a package of Starbursts and tell Belle to open them slowly.

With a prayer in my heart Sam and I got up and did the choir thing.

I think the number went well. I was happy with it and honestly, it was over and we needed to just get that first song in the can so we could get the jitters out.

We went to sit and the man behind us, bless his heart, saw X make a dash for mama and he sat in the edge of our seat. If you know my kids, you know they are very leery of strangers, especially at the 2 year old age, so he huddled next to Belle until my return. I love the guy who sat by my kids so very much.

After that Sam had to take X out to the car because he was way too insane for nursery. And apparently he wigged out for about 2 minutes and then passed out in the car. Nice.

I'm sure God got a good chuckle out of that and frankly it served me right.

Sigh. Gotta find a better plan for next time we do ward choir.

PS. Xander has been hunting for more candy all afternoon. And I may or may not have some left over from today hidden around the house that I don't want him to ever find. Argh.

PPS. Sundays are my favorite day, even when they are as wacky as today was.

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