Friday, August 6, 2010

Tamales in Towerland

Big day in Towerland.

The return of the Tamales.

Let me explain.
We have some friends in our ward who make tamales every month or so.
June was the first time we had the chance to partake in the goodness.
They charge $1 a tamale and make cheese, pork and chicken.
I got a handful just to see what they were like.
(Sam was actually able to eat these so we were mega excited. Yay for no MSG!)

They were awesome. Seriously.
We ate 15 tamales in about 2 days. And barely shared with the kids.
I asked Sam if I should get more next time they made them and he just looked at me like I was a moron.
I took that as a yes.

So, Monday they put out the word that more tamales were coming.
I ordered 30.

This is what we got:

And this is about 2 minutes later:

These are SO. GOOD.

The kids inhaled their tamales (and these puppies are spicy). Buddy kept giving us the thumbs up (which Xander now does too and it is adorable). Belle chowed down and snitched a few pieces off her brothers' plates.

Sam ate about a thousand (okay, 3) in about 5 minutes flat. I was stoked he didn't bite a finger off in the hurry to snarf them down.

And I ate one and just savored the moment. Don't worry, I plan to eat a lot more, but I need to pace myself so the heartburn isn't too hot to handle.

I can tell I didn't order nearly enough.

Sam just came upstairs for bed... with a tamale.
There is a really good chance I am going to get one as soon as I publish this post.

They are just that good. And you all need to try one as soon as possible.
But not ours.
Get your own.
We don't share our tamales.

If you want info on how to get them, ask me and I'll get you in touch with our tamale making friends. But know this; they deliver. And I told them they need to start charging a delivery fee. Because the tamales are worth it.

So. Good.
So very very good.
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  1. Yep, I am definitely interested! I would happily pay a delivery fee or come to Rigby and get them. Mmmmmmm

  2. Can you believe I have NEVER had a tamale in all 40 yrs of my life? Now, I am intrigued..I guess I was never quite sure how to eat them..