Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Fun Day? Hmmmmm

I wanted to have a big shebang of a Friday Fun Day this week, but circumstances that are lame have made that not so much possible.

This is all I have to say about this: I had a cavity free life until I had a pile of kids and now I am a dentist's dream financially speaking! Sam pretends to be sympathetic, but I think he is mainly entertained because I have always gloated about my perfect record at the dentist. Today was the first in a series of appointments and I don't think I was numb enough because OUCH. And it isn't over. Boo. Kids are worth it, but boo. They each owe me a few teeth for this.

Anyhow, so we started the day with a good old numbing of half my face that didn't seem to include my mouth (though I had a Forrest Whittaker eyelid thing going for an hour or so, good stuff), then Mr. Edward had his 5 year old check up that came with shots!

Now, I have learned something important about my middle child over the years. Don't spring crap on him unless you want things to go badly. Some people may think that not letting a kid know that shots are happening is a good idea and with say, Isabelle I would agree. It took Sam and I and a nurse to hog tie that girl for her shots and the screaming... I am still deaf from it!

But Buddy is not like that. He needs to know what he is dealing with so he can behave accordingly. So, I told him last week he would get shots. He asked if they would hurt and I told him yes, but then it would be over. Then today he asked if my shots hurt and I said they did, but then they were over. And when we got to the dr, he was so good and did great and when it was shot time he laid down on the table, totally calm, put his hands behind his head and grinned... then when they jabbed him he YELPED! Oh that poor boy yelped each time but he never cried. And he said thank you when they were done. He was so brave and I was so proud of him. And then they were over.

And then we had FUN because Buddy and I did all the yucky stuff we had to do today.

So, to make things better we went to Albies and bought sugary cereal that is a dollar a box right now. That is right, Capn Crunch at my house, woot!

Then we stopped at Grandpa Steve's but he wasn't there (the kids guessed he was golfing) and they stole all the candy out of his candy jar (2 pieces each, the heathens). Then Buddy wanted a snack and I felt bad for him so I got a value meal at Burger King (small size) and myself and 3 kids shared it. Oh and guess what? we were full when we were done! Because really people, those portions are way too big for someone to consume. (But I won't lie, I kinda hated myself a little for buying all that processed food... I know, I'm lame sometimes.)

Then we came home, Belle did some school, Buddy had some goldfish crackers (also a dollar a bag at Albies) with a chaser of childrens tylenol (gotta stay ahead of the shot pain people) and X had some nappy nappy time. Mommy here had some homemade yogurt and fruit. Mmmmm and for the record I am getting really good at making yogurt in my crockpot.

Tonight we had our church end of summer party.
I need to take a minute here and just feel warm and fuzzy. I love being a part of this congregation. First and foremost because I KNOW we are wanted and loved and that feeling is something I cherish so much. Also, because the mix of people are so delightful. My kids are so secure and happy there. One of my favorite moments was when another mom and our bishop were checking to make sure the canal had no water in it "to be safe". I love people who do the same things I do when I go somewhere (Sam and I scanned it as we pulled in, hee hee).
I love that my kids' church teachers made sure to go and talk to my kids. I love all the kids who came and hugged me and the parents who came and told me their kids have fun with me in music time. I love that people are so kind to my husband and make a point to express their appreciation for the service he does in our community and to the other officers that go to church with us. This means so much to me.
I love that there were sno cones for the kids (Belle exclaimed, "Mom! They are FREE even!" I have trained those children well).
I love that I got to cut in line for a burger because the pregnant lady was hungry. I love that my church leaders appear to be seriously considering my proposal of a nacho bar during church (okay, maybe they aren't seriously considering it, but they're at least letting me pretend it could happen. I get so hungry during church and my preggo friend Karli and I have yet to set up some sort of food share program which we really should do because we are starving all the time).
I love that it wasn't a complicated crazy thing, just a group of people hanging out, socializing and eating. This group of people have really made our lives so much better this year and I am so very grateful for the love and kindness they show our entire family.
Sigh... happiness. And sno cones. Did I mention those? Buddy had 3!

Then we came home and the kids were so jazzed from the fun they wanted to do a quick family night. Well, who are we to say no? So we sang a song or two, Daddy gave a quick scripture lesson and when Buddy asked for a treat we pointed to his bright orange mouth and reminded him of those sno cones. Ha!

Then off to bed. Buddy was starting to feel those shots so he is all tylenoled up (and I just ran out! Crap!) and X is asleep. Belle is even asleep. And I will be soon. Sam is saving the world. I sure love that guy.

So, it isn't Friday, but it was still a pretty darn fun day. Tomorrow will be less fun for me, but the kids get Grandma while I am stuck in a chair being reminded that there are consequences to having kids (dental consequences) so they will still get a Fun Day. It will work.

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