Saturday, August 28, 2010

The universe has spoken: Meet Alice

Most of you know the Towerland menagerie:

June Cleaver, the fattest cat on earth and Sam's baby.
I swear he may love this cat a little bit more than he loves me.
Truth be told, we all dote on June. Buddy lays on the floor with her all the time (she just climbs on top of him and sleeps while he scratches her ears) and she and Xander are becoming better friends as he has finally mostly grown out of the kitty tail yanking phase.
She and Belle hang out and she and I have a nice understanding: She stays off the counter (she's too fat to jump that high anyhow) and I continue to feed her. It works for us.

Then of course, we have Ada.
I will forever love the family who gave us Ada. She is the greatest dog on earth, truly.
June may be Sam's baby, but Ada is mine. She lays on my feet at night when I am cold, she will not leave the bed in the morning until I get up and more than once she has played guard dog for me which is always hilarious because she is such a chicken. I am her human and we pretty much go everywhere together.
We have actually had multiple people offer money for her, but you couldn't pry this dog away from us, we love her too much.
Plus with her shih tzu breeding, I never have issues with my dog allergy.
And the patience she has with kids... seriously, this dog is the perfect family dog.

Then we had Suzy for a time.
Suzy now lives as a companion for an autistic child. I had a hard time letting her go, but June Cleaver hated her with a passion and would attack her on a daily basis which was funny but over time Suzy got more antagonized about it and one day the two of them went at it and Buddy tried to stop it and lets just say it was a good thing I yanked him out of the fracas  or we would have been putting some pets down. I had a vision in my head of a crawling baby in the middle of the (at that point) several times a day fight and realized these animals could not live together.
I was dumb enough to ask Sambo about giving up June and well, yeah right.
So, I auditioned some families until I found the right fit and Suzy is thriving and happy and exactly what this little boy needs so we miss her (well June doesn't) but all's well that ends well.

I have not wanted any other animals. With a new baby coming I know how much poop I deal with and how much more I will deal with.

But the universe had other plans for our household.
We had the orphan kittens last week. We have had several people offering us kittens and every time I said no way. We were not looking for another pet, our two are perfect.

Well, Friday Carol from Sambo's work called.
Let the record show that I adore Carol. I actually call Sam just so I can chat it up with Carol at work sometimes. My kids adore Carol and she is so sweet to them. We like to trade recipes and she gives the the best ideas for dinner! She also takes care of my hub and so of course I extra love her for that. Carol is a favorite person in Towerland.

Which is why she isn't in trouble for what she did, hee hee.

The phone rings and Carol tells me they have an abandoned calico kitten at the office I need to see. She knows how much I adore calicos, I really really really love them. But I said we couldn't take another pet. She just chuckles and I know I'm in for it.

A few hours later I see a picture on facebook of Sam at work with a darling calico kitten sleeping on his desk by him. At which point I know we are getting a kitten. The universe has spoken through Carol and Sam comes home with this darling little cat.

So, how is it going so far?
Well, June is furious. But coping.
Ada is Ada and adores this kitten. Seriously, my dog is the best dog ever.
And the kitten... well Sam named her Alice (he can name the pet because I get to name the baby and yep I have a name and it is AWESOME and I am not telling, hee hee).

I made Alice sleep in the laundry room next to a litter box to see if she was going to figure it out. She did, and so she now has free reign of the house.

The kids are in heaven. They love Alice. She is just playful enough but pretty mellow too.

Guess where I found her a second ago?

Of course.
Isn't she pretty?
I love brightly colored calico cats.

Belle is in heaven because she always wants a pet to sleep with her and June sleeps with Sambo or Buddy (that cat and Buddy are quite the pair) and Ada is always with me.
But Alice seems to have taken a shine to Belle.

Look at her pretty legs too!
I love the look on Belle's face in this pic. She is so happy about this cat and this cat sleeping next to her.
Sam and I somehow managed to raise a bunch of hippies who love animals, I have no idea how that happened!

Well, it looks like the universe wins.
Alice appears to have settled in and doesn't want to leave anytime soon.

Lets hope June decides to accept the universe's plan for the Towerland menagerie.

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  1. Aww the new kitty is so cute. I am such a cat person, but we have allergies so no pets allowed. I am happy for Belle that kitty found her bed the best. A girl needs a kitty to snuggle.