Sunday, August 22, 2010

Welcome to Pajama Sunday!

This may turn into a bold new tradition around here!

So, today was Sunday.
We did church, good times.
I sang a solo and now that I've done that I can harass all my choir people until they do it too! Hooray!

Then of course primary and kids. Man, those kids are the funniest, cutest kids on earth. I love teaching music to them.

Then home, until...

the bat phone rang.

For the record, that thing has gone off a lot lately. Which is, well, what it is.
But we have a nearly 8 year old who is developing a healthy dislike for that phone because she knows it is going to take her Daddy away from her during our "special family time" as she is calling it.

This is something we knew would happen with the kids eventually, so I have been working hard to offset the upset.
We talk about why she is hurting, I try to make sure it isn't directed at her Daddy and she understands that our family matters most to him which is WHY he goes to work when that phone rings.
We talk about how this is one more reason to not break the law... not only will it get us sent to jail, but we are taking some kid's daddy away from his family.

Then I try to let the kids come up with something fun to distract them.
Today, they decided we would all wear our pajamas for the rest of the day.

Um, okay!

They said I had to wear my pajamas too. I think I had them on before the kids finished that sentence.

The kids in their pjs. Xander looks special, I know. I was blocking his tv show.
Oh yes, they got to watch some tv. As long as it was "educational".
I am forever intrigued by what they deem educational.

Ada didn't have any pajamas, but she got into the act too and took a nice long nap.

And later Belle carried her around like a baby.

Then I baked a batch of Grandma's sugar cookies and frosted them with raspberry frosting since I didn't have an orange (shocking!) and we stayed up a bit late (almost eight pm!) to take Daddy some tamales and cookies for dinner since he was (and is) still working.

I'm going to have to add this to my bag of happy tricks for when Daddy gets called out to work.
Not just fun, but comfy too!

I think I can do Pajama Sunday on a regular basis.
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